Are You As Motivated As The Penguin In This Video Clip?

It’s Monday, and a friend of mine showed me this video. It’s old one, but I hadn’t seen it before – and thought to share.

Strangely, whether you relate to this piece of movie or not actually tells quite a lot of your current job.

In some jobs the situation can be like this. There’s a difference between Mondays and Fridays.

Check this out:

That was pretty fun (at least when I first time watched it), and I think relating to this video can be a pretty good indicator whether you like your job or not. If you feel like the penguin in the video on Fridays, and move like that polar bear on Mondays, then ask yourself: are you working in your dream job? If you don’t like going to your current job, then do you have your dream job?

Every job (perhaps) has its ups and downs, but I personally think we all should be like that penguin – every day we work. We should be filled with energy every day we work. If you feel that you are just waiting for the weekend (and feel really tired on Friday), then wouldn’t it make sense to make a plan to be in a job where you enjoy working every day?

Are you really motivated to work? Do you feel energetic every day when you start working? If not, have you made any plans to change your situation?

Juuso Hietalahti