Another Amazing Factor About Giving Credits

You can accomplish much if you don’t care who gets the credit, but equally amazing it is what happens when you have the habit of giving credits to those who deserve it.

Consider the following example. Let’s suppose there’s 10 guys in a project, plus one project manager. 9 team members only concentrate making sure that everybody acknowledges what they’ve done. They make sure the project manager doesn’t steal their ideas – and can say that out loud in front of the project manager when needed. Let’s also suppose that while those 9 guys are busy making sure their accomplishments are noticed, they don’t have time to tell if others have done something. They simply ignore giving credits to everybody else but them.

Now, let’s suppose there’s the 1 guy who doesn’t care about the credits. He cares about getting the project done. He doesn’t care if others won’t congratulate him for accomplishments, yet he always remembers to give credit to others. He recognizes what others in the team have done, and what the project manager has done.

Who do you think the project manager really notices? The guys who always try to make sure they have been noticed, or the one guy who gives project manager ideas and is seen as a guy who helps others?

Juuso Hietalahti