Some Highlights From The Growing Game Producer Forums

I’ve been extremely delighted to see how much good discussions there are at the new game producer forums. There’s now over 300 members about two months after the launch.

Here’s some highlights from the forums:

How tight-lipped should we be?. Very nice thread about how openly one should develop their games.

How Do I Know (if I’m cut out to be a game producer). Another fine thread that has discussion about getting in the industry – and about knowing if one should take the path that leads inside the world of game production.

Free or Low Cost Technologies for Indie Games Development. Excellent thread that has plenty of links to resources you might use.

What do you do to motivate yourself? Fine insight for anyone after motivation.

Balancing Game Production and your day job – very enjoyable thread. Lots of comments and good thoughts about how to balance game production and your day job. Every busy part-time producer needs to read this thread.

Say hello to the world
What Video Game Have You Most Played In Your Life? has received quite many answers already. If you are want to share your story (or get some hints about what kind of games are really addictive), then check out the thread.

Last but not least I would like to mention the Introduce yourself sub-forum. It’s been really great to see the guys who have been reading my blog. It’s very interesting to see so many countries represented, and what kind of developers are reading the articles, and forming the community.

Juuso Hietalahti