When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Computer?

I cleaned my computer today. It took me less than an hour to go through programs, documents, desktop and couple of other places. It was pretty amazing how much useless trash I found (and I think I’m one of those guys who keep their computer clean…)

When I started the cleaning, there was about 17 GB free space. After the cleaning, there’s now 27 GB free space. I just went through stuff and deleted programs and folders I don’t need. (I must also mention that I don’t have MP3’s or collection of warez games or movies in my computer). Man there was lots of folders and programs that weren’t deleted even after uninstallation (tip for anybody distributing games: it’s a good practice to ensure that your game uninstaller actually uninstalls everything…)

I remember when I was using 386 that had 20 megabyte hard drive. Today I could free 10 GB space pretty easily. What happened? Are we really wasting so much space for nothing useful?

When was the last time you cleaned your computer? Found anything mysterious?

Juuso Hietalahti