Some Good Casual Games For the Weekend

It sure is easy to find casual games to play – the net is filled with different them. There are simulation casual games, hidden object casual games, puzzle games… you name it.

I digged some good casual games to play in the weekend.

You can get any game for $6.99 by joining the game club. There are some conditions that come with the game club, so check it out if you are interested in getting discount.

Here’s the list:

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Gorgeous exploration game that takes you to the center of the Earth.

The Scruffs

Find out what shocking family secret Grandpa Scruff has been hiding.


Fine game with several puzzles to crack!

Kudos Rock Legend

Ever wanted to become a rock star?

Hidden Expedition: Everest

Explore mysteries of the world as you find hidden clues.

Enjoy the games!


Juuso Hietalahti

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