Something To Remember When Dealing With Clients

Don’t mess up the week numbers like I recently did.

I have a short contract work project for one client and I realized that this week is 44, not 42 like I was assuming – and I was under a deadline that I couldn’t make. It wouldn’t have been no wonder if the client would have asked me to “left the building” (so to speak) because of this mistake I did… but luckily they were extremely understanding.

I can imagine that this type of behavior won’t work 90% of the time. If you agree on some certain date, then make sure you understand that it’s important for the client. If necessary, put the client’s request to be highest priority. Certainly don’t rely on your memory (98% time I don’t rely on my memory, but for some strange reason this case fit in those 2%).

If you have a deadline when you are supposed to show milestone progress to the publisher, make certain you are showing the results you promised.

Juuso Hietalahti