Incremental Development

I’m taking the weekend off, but here’s a scheduled post about the game production approach I’m taking. I’m taking totally different way of doing the new game. Instead of having a big plans, and long list of to-do items I’m going to do incremental development. My first step is to get one player on the “level” (level here meaning “floor with Ogre sample texture”) – and make it possible for the player to eliminate the enemies.

After that I shall make the player move. After that I might add bullets. After that, perhaps a barrel in the level. One by one. I’m not going to “add 19 different enemies, 85 different guns, and 8 different particle effects” in the next release. I’m using some elements from “extreme game production” (or “extreme programming”) approach. I have many feature ideas, but now I’m going to focus on incremental development – and in such manner that the game can is in playable shape from the very beginning.

I’m approaching the game production by doing incremental development – adding small features one by one, and learning as I go.

I have checked out competition in the field and have rough design for the game (and ideas how my game will be different), but I want to hear player feedback from the very beginning – and make the game playable right from the beginning. I’m not going to “spend 6 months doing the engine first”. My goal is to get from “yearly scheduling” to “weekly” (and daily!) scheduling. I will look in the future (that’s what the ideas are for), but I won’t spend two weeks doing “groundwork for framework to get things possible in the future”. I take an approach where I will build the framework as I go. I’m simply picking the stuff that I need right now, and worry about how to get other stuff (for example, sounds or particles) when it’s time for that.

Juuso Hietalahti