How Good Shoes Can Boost Your Productivity

I’m ill today. I have a horrible flu: I’m sneezing all the time, I feel bit faint and have some sort of fewer. My brain doesn’t work at the moment (at least it feels that way): I cannot think any complex issues. I have spent some hours staring my game code today, but couldn’t really put my mind into it.

Basically cold and productivity doesn’t go together. When you are ill, you simply are not 100% effective.

And that’s where the good shoes come to play.

The reason I’m ill today is (most likely) because I wore wet, leaky shoes the last weekend while I was driving a long distance. In addition it was close to zero celcius degrees outside. My feet were wet, and I managed to get myself a cold.

Thanks to those leaky shoes I’m now in such condition that my productivity isn’t at the level where it should be.

Do yourself a favor. Take care of your health.

Buy good shoes.

Juuso Hietalahti