Want to Become a Christmas Marketing Agent? Get Some $$$

My friend Jake is after an agent for his Holiday Bonus game. Here’s a quick quote from his announcement:

Therefore, I’m looking for someone to be my Agent (not publisher as I want to retain the contracts and rights) and contact lots of portals for me to see if they will accept my game. I’m offering 10% of all royalties received from any new portals that accept my game (PC and Mac – except for Apple.com as I’ll contact them myself) for an 18 month time period.

So far the game has sold 850+ copies, and easily sells 20+ copies a month, but HUNDREDS sell at Christmas time when the portals promote it. So far the royalties have exceeded $4000 and a good relaunch on multiple portals could easily beat that this year. The download to sales conversion rate on BFG is over 1% for example – that’s pretty good!

Basically he needs somebody who would contact portals and handle deals with them. He has explained how the system goes at the game producer forums – job board.

If you want to take the job, then act quickly – since Christmas is just behind the corner…

Update: Jake just informed me that he has now got the agent.

Juuso Hietalahti