How to Be a Stupid Producer And Waste Everybody’s Time

I’m sure you know many people who master the art of being stupid. Here’s one additional way to act like an idiot. This article is based on an almost true story.

I heard about this guy who always said that everybody should schedule a meeting with him, not use email to contact him. Perhaps his inbox was so full of emails that he couldn’t find time to reply to them. Anyway, the bottom line was: he always wanted people to find time for a meeting instead of asking stuff via email.

Well, I’m sure in some situations that might work well if emails require replying and re-replying all the time, instead of just taking time to sit down and have conversation where plans are agreed.

But this was not the case here.

In fact, the guy was so busy that he was always in some meetings. People ended up emailing him to agree about a meeting time (but couldn’t ask their questions via email since the guy insisted that meeting time would need to be agreed), and then he would reply back saying “that’s not good for me, how about this time?”. Then the other person got his reply and saw that the suggested time was bad, and sent another suggestion. This continued for some time until it was seen that there were good time available after 2 weeks. Too bad the situation needed to be resolved this week, so that kind of didn’t work.

Also, the other person only wanted to know “if the producer has faxed the signed copy of contract” (or something like that) so that the other guy could continue his work. The producer didn’t want to get bothered via email (nor phone I suppose – or at least he was being so busy that he couldn’t answer anyway), but insisted of scheduling a meeting (yet he agreed to schedule meetings via email!)

Perhaps he needs a secretary or something, but “scheduling a face-to-face meeting” (via email) instead of “dealing with some issues via email” won’t save his time. And I really don’t know why he keeps doing this.

Juuso Hietalahti