Sony Drops PlayStation 3 Development Kit Cost

Sony has made a price cut for the Playstation 3 Development kit.

Sony is also rolling out new software development features, debugging tools, and support for applications such as ProDG and its SN tool suite. The pirce cut will see the PlayStation 3 Reference Tool fall in cost to ¥950,000 in Japan, $10,250 in North America and €7,500 for European developers.

The price will keep hobbyists away, yet the price is very low for companies to get into Playstation 3 development. Microsoft is keeping their XNA development kit free (which is nice for indies) – although the AAA dev kit for Xbox still costs much more. It’s quite interesting to see how the developers reacts to this news.

Maybe indies won’t care… but bigger studios might be interested.

Spotted via GameSpot. See also the press release at GamesIndustry.

Update: I was referring to XNA when mentioning that Microsoft dev kit – now updated post

Juuso Hietalahti