I Just Collided

So far I’ve managed to finish 4 “stories” (or features) for my new game. Stories are in the range of “moving & enemies that hunt you” and today I was supposed to start doing collisions. It appears that getting physics working is not as simple as I expected. The (quite) simple things that I need are: collisions with objects (so that player character won’t go through walls…), possibility to make headshots (and then cutting it off) and basic player movement.

They are pretty simple features if you think, but even getting collisions and basic player movement is giving me a headache. Ogre community has several different physics libs that are well supported… but even them have all sorts of tiny issues (at least that’s my “first impression”). I took some first steps to find a framework that handles them, but the guy I asked was offering bit too high price for me – so I’ll need to dig more.

I’m really surprised that getting this type of “basic stuff” requires so much time – but I suppose that’s natural when dealing with “graphics engine & additional libraries”, not a full featured game engine.

Juuso Hietalahti