Stamp Out Piracy Awareness Week

Stamp Out Piracy Awareness Week got my attention. Piracy can be harmful for some game sales, and for some studios the results can be devastating. StampOutPiracy.com is taking effort to bring piracy awareness, and has asked people to do the following:

  • Write a blog post about game piracy. (like I’m doing now)
  • Inform your newsletter signups about the dangers of using pirated games.
  • Report piracy to us using Stamp Out Piracy form.
  • If you’re a member of another gaming forum then why not start a thread about game piracy.
  • Link to StampOutPiracy’s articles or to an article on another anti-piracy site
  • Add a StampOutPiracy text link or button to your website/blog.
  • Write an article about game piracy and post it to a number of article websites.
  • Include an anti-piracy message in your game(s).
  • Include an anti-piracy message in a forum signature.

I suppose there’s one thing that worries me in this approach. Instead of being “anti-piracy” I think being “pro-legal software” could wield better results. (Analogy for not being “anti-war”, but “pro-peace”). I think by telling people about piracy (and explaining details how that work), they might actually actually be adding piracy – for some users. Those users who didn’t know about certain words (like “warez”) might get interested in getting more games illegally.

Might sound like word semantics, but nevertheless I think we should not fight piracy. Instead, we should encourage and support people to make the kind of decisions that help us game developers make better games – that would be. We should encourage fair deals where both parties win.

And that calls for “who has bought most games” kind of attitude – competing about being the guy who has the highest count on legally purchased games, and giving extra incentives to get games legally also in the future.

Anyway – check out StampOutPiracy.com and spread the word. Roman at Anawiki blog already wrote “why piracy is wrong”.

Juuso Hietalahti