More Engine Hunt And First Game Screenshot Revealed…

While I was digging deeper into how to deal collisions (thanks Jens & luis for your helpful comments), and was recommend to take a look at NeoAxis engine, which uses Ogre3D for rendering. I had checked it earlier, and there were couple of things that made me ignore it (one man doing the development, .NET overhead, no network support, not yet established community).

I decided to take another look into the engine and found out that network code is actually being planned to do in the upcoming releases. I pondered that it would take some time for me before I could touch the network code anyway, so perhaps NeoAxis could be a potential alternative for me after all. Thanks gameboy for mentioning it.

I played with it, and actually found out that my simple level demo (done with NeoAxis) actually has many elements that I was expecting to do in the upcoming weeks in Ogre. Here’s a shot that shows something about the new project (see also forums showcase).

Anyway – I managed to put together nice demo quite quickly and will spend some time checking out the tutorials and documentation. At the moment I feel good about the engine and will read the tutorials, documentation and put couple of things together – and see where that leads to me. Knowing how Ogre works (and how their .mesh, .skeleton and material formats work) is good, since NeoAxis – as mentioned – uses Ogre for rendering. Getting characters used in Ogre to my NeoAxis version was straightforward operation. Move from Ogre to Ogre+NeoAxis seems (at least right now) a pretty good idea to me. My careful estimation is that NeoAxis could speed up my production pace.

NeoAxis uses C# as the language – which is higher level language compared to C++, so there’s new learning ahead.

Now I’m reading more books, articles – and of course putting things together in the engine.

Juuso Hietalahti