Strange Plimus Order Confirmation

I just ordered something that cost about $10 via Plimus. Apparently something strange happened, since I got an email with the following text:

Thank you for submitting your order using Plimus. Your order is currently being reviewed by our staff for quality purposes, this process is usually completed within a few minutes, however, please allow up to 12 hours to hear back from us.

I wonder why they need to check my $10 order for “quality purposes”. What quality purposes?

I have always liked Plimus (they have very nice systems), and this is the first time I see stuff like this. I don’t know why this occurred, but to me it sounds bit strange to start manually checking a $10 order.

This incident has no impact on what I think about Plimus (I think they have a great service – and recommend people to check it out), but this email was so unusual that I simply had to mention this.

Since weekend is coming, I wonder when I will get my order. “Instant” digital distribution isn’t always that instant… ;)

Update: Just got the final order confirmation. It looks like it took less than 3 hours after all to get the order finalized. Nothing to complain here.

Juuso Hietalahti