Tell Me a Game That Has Scared The (Poo) Out of You

Couple of days ago I was wondering whether to have 3rd or 1st person camera view in my game. Originally I planned to use 3rd person, since I still think my game is more of a tactical type of game – where pure shooting won’t save you. I tested also the 1st person mode, and noticed that while 1st person view can lose something in the tactical side (you cannot tell so well what objects are close to you), it sure adds more to the frightening side.

I was testing my zombie game just a moment ago, and I experienced something I haven’t experienced since Doom 2: I was so focussed on testing (and keeping the flock of zombies away) that I got scared by a freaking zombie that was jumping behind the door (on my right side). My heart was beating two times faster than normal for fraction of a second. I don’t know if the game will scare anybody else (or me again), but this small incident reinforced me about the fact that games can make people experience different feelings.

And from this short introduction we get to the next question: when was the last time some game event scared you?

Juuso Hietalahti