8 More Game Producer Questions Answered

I was asked to some game producer questions earlier, and here are the rest of the questions and answers.

Question #8. What makes you tick?
Something like this.

Question #9. Who or what has been your greatest influence in the videogame industry?
Hmm… maybe it was the time when I discovered “C64 BASIC programming” book in the library.

Question #10. Do you see role of the producer changing in the future?
Yes, I’m sure it will change – although I cannot tell how it will change. Whatever happens, the important part is to embrace change.

Question #11. What advice would you give to an aspiring producer?
My top 2 tips would be:

1) Do what you have passion for.
2) Never give up.

See also game producer interviews – there’s plenty of information from many producers who have loads of experience in game production.

Question #12. What is your favorite videogame? And favorite that you have worked on?
Same answer to both questions: this one.

Seriously: the game project I’m currently working on has always been my favourite, and hopefully always will be.

Question #13. What makes a game producer tick?
Tough one… depends on the producer I think?

Question #14. Education, qualities, attributes or skills of a Producer
Check out breaking in the industry. It contains massive amount of information from AAA producers: it will tell you what kind of skills and qualities are necessary – and what kind of meaning education has.

Question #15. Top Producers in the game industry – your opinion
The ones who keep the team going forward. The ones working without making a big fuss about everything. The ones whose names we probably won’t even see.

Juuso Hietalahti