Christmas Contest: Suggest a Name For The Zombie Game – Win a Copy Of It

My zombie game project needs a name, and I thought to ask reader feedback for it. Naming a zombie game sounds like a great Christmas contest, so I’m giving zombie game copies as prizes (naturally the game must first be done before you can get your prize) for those who suggest the best names.

I believe word “dead” should be in the name, and even though there are zombies, I think I don’t want to see “zombie” in the name. In my mind, zombie has less “serious” meaning than for example “undead”.

The game has quite dark theme, and has quite realistic style (not cartoony anyway). Blood splatter will be in the game (like they’ve done in many games). The game events will take in a modern world (year is 200x something, no scifi stuff you know). The short video clip shows you the 1st person view that’s in the game, although the art in that clip is all placeholder art.

Here’s more recent screenshot. It’s quite dark though and zombies are still placeholders.

(Click here for a bigger image).

So far I’ve been pondering names such as the following:
– Waking Dead (although somebody said that was a movie – so it’s out of question :))
– Unlife (sounds bit like Half-life or Unreal…)
– Living Dead (most likely copyrighted anyway…)
– Undead [Something]
– Dead [Something]
– Deadly…
– Night…
– Unliving…

Basically I want the name to be short (max 2 words: The Undead would be fine suggestion, Night of the Undead Zombies would not be okay).

So, if you’d like to get your hands on the zombie game when it comes out – let’s hear some name suggestions. You may register and use the forums to suggest a name. The contest will end when… the name is picked – and winners will be emailed (make sure you provide proper email in the forums).

Juuso Hietalahti