3 Press Release Mistakes You Want to Avoid

GameRelease.net has been distributing game related press releases for a long time, and there are some small things that might ruin the press release instantly. Here are three mistakes you want to avoid when sending your press release.

Mistake #1: It’s not 1st person text, it’s 3rd person text
Say “their game” instead of “our game”. Write your text in such format like a journalist was writing it.

The press releases are aimed for journalists. The purpose of the press release is to provide information that journalist can use in their text. If you write a line “Our game uses next-generation physics engine”, then journalists cannot copy and use that sentence right away. If on the other hand you use the following text in your press release: “Their game uses next-generation physics engine”, then the journalist can use that sentence right away.

Journalists are busy folk, they get many many emails every day – so every attempt to save their time is well thought.

Naturally you may use “our” when quoting text. It is fine to use text such as this: “John Doe, the CEO of Great Games Company mentioned that ‘Our game uses next-generation physics'”

Mistake #2: Proper contact info
Using titles and phone numbers give a good image. I’m not saying that you necessarily need to invent fancy titles, but if you are a marketing director or owner of the company – it’s okay to mention that.

Also – it makes a world difference to use “proper” email address instead of a free email (such as @hotmail.com or @gmail.com). To you it might not make a difference, but the journalist might skip gmail addresses and think that this company is not worth mentioning – they don’t even have money to set up emails, how on earth could they be able to make proper games?

So, include a proper email address – not free one – in your press release contact info. Press@YourCompany.com is good.

Mistake #3: ### is not a paragraph splitter, it’s the end of the press release
I’ve seen some people using ### to split paragraphs. Hopefully you don’t do that.

Use ### in the end of the press release. That indicates that your press release ended, and the journalist receives all the information. Don’t put your contact info – or any other press release information for that matter – after ###.

If you haven’t written press releases before, then feel free to google for press release templates and see how other companies are writing them. For GameRelease.net users, the system provides a template for sending game related press releases.

Juuso Hietalahti