Zombie Game Pre-Release 1 – Downloadable Demo Available Now (3 Mins of Gameplay)

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To make a long story short: Download Release 1 Demo (16 megs). The demo release 1 gives you couple minutes of gameplay, and some clue about what there’s going to be in the game. If for some reason the game doesn’t work in your computer, please check out the system requirements and necessary software (You’ll need .NET2 and DirectX9 to run the demo).

This is the December release, and the release 2 is scheduled for January 2008.

I would be eternally grateful if you’d test the software and give me feedback about the game. Any feedback is appreciated: good and bad. If you have suggestions or ideas, feel free to mention them.

While you are downloading the first release…
Check out the main controls:

ASDW = movement
Mouse = aim
Left mouse button = shoot
ESC = open menu (and restart the game, you’ll need this if you happen to die in the demo…)

What can you expect from the release 1 – and what’s coming in the future
I would like to point out, that this is very early version and it contains only some features. Here are some things that will change or will be added in the future releases. (Notice: not necessarily in the next release).

  • Zombie Models: These are 100% placeholders. Our artist – James O’Hare – has modeled a great looking zombie 3d character which you’ll get to see in the future releases. The current zombies are less “realistic” than the zombie model you’ll see in the next releases.
  • Levels: the demo contains only a very small area with couple of buildings. In the future releases you’ll get to play in a real level. (And you cannot jump off the cliff…)
  • Sounds: There are some sounds that will be used in the future releases, but there’s also placeholder sounds (like weapon and box collisions to name just a few).
  • More breakable stuff: The crates currently just vanish in the air. They will be much nicer & more realistic in the future.
  • More weapons: This release contains only one weapon, and what would a zombie game be without more weapons. I have some “typical” ones planned (anybody who has watched any zombie film knows that there must be a shotgun somewhere), but also something quite unique in my pocket.
  • More gameplay elements: I don’t want to reveal too much about this, but currently you can move (and break) crates in the game, and in the future “you will be able to do more than that”. This part will have major role in the gameplay.
  • Easier installation & better compatibility: Vista users will get easier installation. Integrated video card owners will be better supported in the future.

There are other things planned, but I think it’s better not to talk & promise too much at this point. I’ll focus on getting feedback and let the releases do the talking. I’m going to make one release every month, so you’ll see more after one month. But for now, feel free to test the demo and give some feedback if you want.

Also, if you wish to suggest a name for the game (and win a copy of it), feel free to do so. As soon as the name is figured out, I’ll move the releases & game information to the zombie game site.

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Juuso Hietalahti