Zombie Game System Requirements

To run the upcoming zombie game you need to have Windows (should run well on most versions) and a 3D video card. Windows Vista Users need to give read/write access to the game, as it produces some log files (install the game to Desktop or “C:\Program Data” should do fine).

.NET2 and DirectX9
To make the game run you need to ensure that you have installed .NET 2.0 and DirectX 9c.

I promise that in the future releases, this downloading will be made more convenient and at some point I’ll include these files all in one package so you get to play the game with just the one package.

Graphics card drivers
If for some reason, the demo doesn’t run properly, please ensure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Game gives fatal exception in Windows Vista
Try either giving permissions to the game (it requires to give permissions to files like “logs\Game.log” and “data\Data.qrc”) or try installing the game to “c:\Program Data\” (or on your Desktop).

If the game still doesn’t work
If you’ve ensured that you have DirectX9, then you may try changing render system to OpenGL (it’s located in the game folder’s Configurator.exe “Render System”).

If the game runs slow…
Then use the options (Press ESC + select “options”) and change detail level for shadows (LOW or NONE for example). You can also use the configurator (You need to exit the game and run the “Configurator.exe” from the game folder) to change the level of antialias. Feel free to try other options and configurations.

Corrupt file or some unexpected error while downloading/installing the setup file
Please try re-downloading the setup file and installing again.

Juuso Hietalahti

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