Vote For The Zombie Game Name – You Might Win a Copy of It!

The zombie game name contest is approaching the final stage and now is the time to vote for the game name. I have picked five game name candidates from the earlier suggestions. The game name will be one of the following:

* Dead Ends
* Stay Dead
* Dead Wake
* Dead Hollows
* Lies Dead

If you want to have a chance to get a copy of the game (when it’s finished), all you need to do is to vote the game name here and then explain the reason behind your vote. Tell us why you gave your vote to whatever name you voted. Those who give the best arguments/reasons will get a copy of the zombie game (up to maximum of 3 free copies – arguments are judged by me).

The reason you tell can be for example:
– Include feelings the voted name creates in you
– You are free to mention why it fits for the game theme/idea based on the game demo or the screenshots you’ve seen about the game
– The reason can be funny
– It can be serious
– It can be philosophic
– Or pretty much anything (whatever it is that made you choose)

You don’t have to vote the name that “seems to be getting the most votes”. I’m judging the best arguments/comments when giving the prizes. Even if the game name you vote is not chosen, you might win a copy of the game.

The contest ends when the name is picked… so you have some at least some days to act.

Feel free to try the demo release (shows a couple of minutes of gameplay) for inspiration. It’s very early version (and very dark – I know), but it might give you some idea.

Ready to vote? Proceed here to give your vote and participate in the contest (you might need to register to the forums unless you already have done that).

Juuso Hietalahti