Christmas is Coming! 10% Discount On All Frogames Art (Expires 25th Day)

Frogames has offered a 10% discount for all their product. The coupon code is GameProducerCoupon. The coupon expires 25th day, so you have 10 days time to purchase some fine art.

I have bought some Frogames art earlier for my Highpiled game, and Christophe (guy doing the art) was really generous for making some minor fixes when I asked. I also noticed that one of his content packs was using wrong animation number and he fixed that promptly. Very professional & reliable guy.

Frogames has plenty of cartoony art packs. See the examples below:

In the past, I got the big Warriors & Commoners pack in my hand and the variety of different possibilities is amazing. There’s more than 2000 files (characters, textures, scripts – you name it) and plenty of animations to use. If you happen to be doing any kind of RPG game – you simply gotta get this pack. It has everything you need: beards, weapons, animations, hats – and the price is unbeatable.

Enough talk, and now some action. Proceed to Frogames.net and use the coupon GameProducerCoupon to get 10% disount on all purchases.

Thanks Christophe for this Christmas gift!

Juuso Hietalahti