Duke Nukem Forever – Teaser Video

I have mixed feelings after seeing this demo. Duke Nukem has always been the tough guy, but with a comical aspect. Now the 3D guy on the video seems too serious, and the voice somehow (in my opinion) would fit better for 2D Duke. Also the alien wild boar (or whatever they are called) look “strange” in high polygon 3D. Maybe it’s just my old habits saying that 2D Duke was the best Duke. If you don’t take the history aspect into account, the teaser video graphics look really nice.

3D Realms might have got accusations and blame for the project, but if you think about it… they’ve also got people talking about the phenomenon. Even if it takes a decade to complete, they can use the negative press – and turn it into a massive hit.

Or, it might fail big time. I think expectations are so high, and people so emotional about the game that it’s either one big hit – or one big miss.

Perhaps it’s too early to say anything… let’s wait for the Duke Nukem Forever release.

Meanwhile, check out the teaser video:

What do you think? Still loyally waiting for the game?

Juuso Hietalahti