Selling Mobile Games Doesn’t Come Easier Than This

I wrote about Movaya’s plug’n’play mobile game selling system. They purchased ad from my site, and I promised to take a closer look at Movaya mobile game selling system.

When I went to their site, I saw this promise:

Movaya handles the content, billing and delivery – you just merchandise the products. It is that easy. And it is free. All it takes is a few minutes.

I’ve seen many sites promising “all it takes is a few minutes”, so I decided to record my time. I signed up (was very fast), read some instructions, search for a mobile game with “zombie” keyword (one found), picked the game code and copy & pasted the HTML here. Here’s one example game I’m selling now:

update: the Zombie Zapster game WAS displayed at this location, but it stopped selling at Movaya, so I needed to remove the game

All finished in about 6 minutes. Pretty good compared to quite many programs where you need to wait hours or days (or even weeks) to get accepted. (Okay, I must admit that the “terms” should be read more carefully ;))

At this point there are some issues that might need improving to make sure the system caters for international sellers (and buyers) too. Here’s some good and some bad elements I see in this system. Naturally I cannot tell how well the payments are done (mainly because I signed up a few minutes ago) or if there’s some other problems, but I can give some first impressions.

The good stuff:

  • Very easy sign-up process: Like mentioned earlier, it was very simple to sign-up and start setting up a store. HTML codes and everything is there.
  • Movaya takes care of (almost) everything: They provide all billing, customer service, and transaction fulfillment. Your job is to put code on your site and get people to buy mobile games.
  • Extensive catalog of games: I took a brief look at the games, and it seems like there’s LOTS of them. Action, RPG, you name it. Very good. There are animated screenshots, cover images, and description text available for all games.
  • Many different cell phones supported: Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson – they are all there. It would be great to get more carriers too, but I suppose this will occur as Movaya grows in users.

Basically, Movaya has made it easy for anybody to sell games.

The not-so-good stuff (especially if cashing international checks in your country is expensive):

  • Terms & Conditions need a clearer link: When I first signed up, it showed terms & conditions in a popup window. After sign-up I was checking the FAQ to find out how the payments are made. The FAQ mentioned “look terms & conditions for more information”. I tried to find the terms, but had to logout and go to the sign-up form and click the button. This is not a big deal, but a direct link from FAQ to terms & conditions would be welcome.
  • Payments via checks: For international account owners, this is a big issue. Since Movaya requires you to have at least $20.00 in your account, that means small checks will be almost meaningless to some seller. It costs close to $20 for me to go to a bank and cash an international check. PayPal payment option would be really good for international. If PayPal is out of question, then it would be good to be able to set up the check limit to something like $100 or $200. That way cashing the check costs are reasonable (at least this is the situation in Finland, and I would think it’s same in other places).
  • Could need more carriers: At the moment not all mobile phone owners can buy games. The more carriers they get under they wings, the better coverage they can offer.
  • Lack of affiliate program: This is not a big deal, but it would be a nice addition if they would offer an affiliate program. That way those who wish to tell about the program benefit from it too.

The link and payment issue are something that most likely can be dealt with Movaya. If you happen to live in a country where checks are not expensive to cash, and have audience that can buy the games then I don’t see no problems with the system.

For those who are interested in getting additional sales vehicle, sell mobile games through Movaya.

Juuso Hietalahti