What Kind of Chair You Have?

I have a new chair. I was wondering if I could could say this to be the 101th productivity tip which wasn’t included in the list of 100. Getting new chair wasn’t as trivial as I expected.

Okay, getting the chair from the shop was pretty easy. Even putting the pieces together at home was not such a big deal.

The new chair means change, and change is something people tend to resist. For example, as I’m typing this blog entry, I’m swinging back and forth on my chair. I adjust the height. I want to adjust it well. I want the chair to feel absolutely superb when I’m sitting on it.

The chair feels good, but I want to feel super-great sitting on it.

I want my chair to be so comfortable as possible and help me get more stuff done. I suppose I’m adapting to this new situation.

Strange how something like a chair can become such a tricky issue.

What kind of chair do you have?

Juuso Hietalahti