BuyMMOAccounts – World of Warcraft Account Merchant Review

BuyMMOAccounts ordered a paid review. BuyMMOAccounts have been providing World of Warcraft accounts for over a year, and they wanted me to tell my thoughts about their website.

I recently saw a related “gold mining” article in a Finnish gaming magazine, and since I haven’t many product reviews recently – I decided to accept to review their site.

Nice layout
It might be just me, but I like WoW art and I like the way BuyMMOAccounts has done a good job with the site layout and graphics. Very nice peons telling people to sell their account is a quite witty idea. Clear text and clear navigation links to FAQ and other pages are easy to use.

Detailed information
Besides the nice layout, I also liked how their website gets right to the point. They have very clear descriptions about what they do, how WoW account buying & selling works. They have lengthy explanations on how character transfer process happens. They do a good job providing information.

Is there a registered company?
They mention several times that buying wow accounts is secure, but is it really? Since I have little experience with buying or selling anything in World of Warcraft it’s pretty difficult to tell if the site really is secure.

They say that they have phone lines and online chat available. I didn’t try the phone line, but I tried to chat with the support twice. Both times there were nobody to answer. I suppose if I’d try on some later hour there might be somebody to talk with, but I couldn’t see anyone the 2 times I tried.

The site name “BuyMMOAccounts.com” doesn’t sound like a company but they claim they have a full registered company named “BuyMMOAccounts.com Incorporated”. There’s just one problem with verifying this information, it would cost money to get registration information from registries office in Alberta, Canada (where they mention their company is registered) – so it’s quite difficult to confirm this information.

They also say that names of the company directors are also listed there. Makes me wonder why they aren’t listing director or employee names in the website?

I’m not saying that they wouldn’t have a company, they might as well have company. All I’m saying that I really cannot tell if there’s a real company behind the site or not.

So, is it secure?
Their customer testimonials say stuff like “very fast payment, very smooth the whole way, from the time i wanted to sell my char till i got money from my paypal, was less than a day. very highly trusted site, will definatly use again”.

But where are the names of the customers? Where are the wow account names? Where are their photos and location information? From these testimonials, it’s hard to say if they are just written there or if there’s really some people behind the testimonials.

They say they offer lifetime 100% account guarantee on any accounts that purchased from them, but again it’s bit difficult to say if that really works. Maybe it does – but it’s really difficult to say just by looking at their website.

To conclude: I have no idea if it’s secure or not. I would be careful when buying or selling accounts online and would definitely recommend finding more info elsewhere in the net about sites that sell WoW accounts.

Bottom line
From the looks of their website, it’s quite difficult to say if they are reliable merchant or not. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. I recommend using your common sense and being extra careful when selling or buying your WoW accounts.

Those of you who want more info, check out BuyMMOAccounts.com.

Juuso Hietalahti