What Is the Biggest Problem With Your Game Production That You Would Like to Solve?

What is the biggest problem (or problems) you, your team or your company is facing right now?

The problem or problems can be anything from technical to relationships, and no matter if you are a student, AAA producer or something in between.

What’s important that you would share your thoughts with us.

Here are couple of questions to go through:

  • Is there a problem on how you work as a team?
  • Is there lack of resources such as time or money?
  • Is your team skilled enough?
  • Is your team leaders skilled and experienced enough?
  • Where are you wasting resources?
  • Are there people or relationship problems?
  • Or is there something else?

Please, feel free to tell this by replying to this post or contact me if you wish to keep it private. I’d appreciate your action in this matter, and will keep everything private in case you don’t wish to give names.

The reason I’m asking this is to get a better knowledge on what kind of issues teams are facing and to spot how problems could be solved. Earlier, when I asked this question, many people mentioned lack of time being one of the biggest problems. Bearing that in mind, I compiled a long resource that contains 100 ways to be more productive.

Now I’d like to hear more information on what’s going on in your team.

Looking forward to your response,


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Juuso Hietalahti