Carnival of Game Production – 6th Edition

It’s been some time since the last Carnival of Game Production, and we have got some really good articles to show you today.

The topics range from marketing to business to accounting to games to voice acting to sales to game outsourcing and more.


Jake Birkett wrote several good blog posts, and three of them are listed here. 3D graphics in “Casual” games, My Latest Game is at the Alpha Stage (good breakdown of hours) and Can you make a living developing casual games?. More good articles can be found from Jake’s blog.

L. Waymire sent a good article titled The Voices of Justin Gross. That is the voice of actor Justin Gross, as recorded for the hero-turned-villain Arthas in the video game “Warcraft III.” – some good points in the article, check it out.

Roman sent a link to Learn how you can sell more games without spending a penny – which contains some sales info worth checking. Roman also wrote an article titled Cross-selling statistics from More good posts in his blog.

Mike Harmon sent information on Planning an business trip that contains some information about accounting that people should be aware of.

Matt Hanson talks about the importance of credibility in his Custom Made Jingles, Commercials and Music for Television and Radio. This stuff can be applied to gaming as well.

Eric Hudin wrote an article titled From iPhone to YouTube – The Viral Marketing Method that discusses creative ways to market your products.

Warren Wong wrote a bit different article called Video Games And The Human Race. Article might not give practical information to use for game production, but it gives some things to think about: where are we heading?

Writers Cabal published an article on getting projects done by other people: 7 tips on outsourcing from GDC China. Some good ideas to think about.

Peter Quinn wrote an article: 10 Tips For Effective Negotiations in Life and Business – something every producers needs to read.

Sagar Satapathy lists the Top 25 Ultimate Gamer Vacations. Now you never ever need to figure out where to go on your next holiday.

Danogo sent us a post about How to Make Real Life Money in the Second Life Virtual World. That article shows us that games are not just virtual fun – people are making real livings inside games.

That’s all folks for this edition. The next (7th) edition will be published when I get around links to roughly 10-20 good articles.

If you want to participate in the next edition, feel free to contact me and submit your article link.

Juuso Hietalahti