Web Software for Teamwork

You want start a game development project, but you are unsure on the ways you are going to manage it. As an indie like you, I also don’t have cash for consultancies or ERP software packages! So here goes a fair number of web-based tools to help you managing people.


This is one software with a bunch of features for project managing and team collaboration. It works pretty much like traditional management software (MS Project and Primavera). It has a forum, a shared calendar for events and meetings, and an also shared contact list. The main weak point is the lack of AJAX-like functionality – so, unlike Gmail, for example, you have to reload the whole page each time you want to update it.

Like MS Project, it is a complex piece of software, but a very good one. I’ve used DotProject for 2 and a half years, and now I’m moving to either Overlord or Teamwork. I came to conclude that I don’t need much complex functions for 4-8 developers teams. But that will depend on your producing methodology as well.


A managing system focused on game production, used by GarageGames. It is a great system, simple but effective for our goals. Has Web 2.0 capabilities, and has the source opened to you after buying, so you could add your own modifications afterwards.


  • http://www.twproject.com/
  • Needs Installation? No, though a license for download-and-install is available.
  • Free? Yes, for small companies (up to 5 projects and 10 developers). For bigger ones, 8 euros per month for each user. No source available.

This one is new to me, and I’m still evaluating. Unlike DotProject and Overlord, it is a ASP-business model, so you don’t need to install anything – just create the account on their site and use it. It has lots of functions, and seems as complex as DotProject – but uses Web 2.0 controls that can really improve tasks visibility and usability for team members. And getting to know what everyone else is doing is very important thing to keep team members motivated.

Useful (and free) Software

These are software not intrinsically related to project management, but can help you on specific needs. With WikiMedia software, you can keep your internal documentation updated, interactive and easily available for the project team. You can also configure that just some users can modify the Wikis (game designers, most of times).

phpBB is a widely-known forum tool. You can use it as a knowledge database, issue-tracking system, and – above all – an interactive tool available for the players!

The WordPress blog system of this site is available for download! You can configure blogs for each members of your team, make a general “project” blog, or use it as your site main under-laying system (like we did on Interama site).

Tiago Tex Pine