DX Studio 2.3 Released With New PhysX Engine Option, Performance Boosts And User Controls

Pinewood studios based software developers Worldweaver Ltd announce the latest release of their games and simulation platform DX Studio.

Version 2.3 comes packed with new features including PhysX support, depth of field, simple user control creation, scrolling listboxes, full tweening on all object properties, DXT support and a spherical map importer. There have also been a number of performance and memory usage optimizations.

CEO and founder Chris Sterling commented:

We’ve done a lot of work embedding the PhysX engine into DX Studio but the benefits of using PhysX should really help users looking to create particular gaming environments, especially given the recent announcement of Nvidia’s acquisition of Ageia and that they will soon introduce PhysX physics processing support into all GeForce 8-series graphics cards through a simple software download. Of course we have still kept the option of using Bullet physics too as it is still proving to be more appropriate for creating certain environments ”

The latest version of DX Studio also sees the release of their own demo game, Hut of the Dead. The game is free to play and all script available to DX Studio users to help with their own projects. There is also a competition running for the best game play modification of Hut of the Dead.

DX Studio licenses are available in both freeware and commercial editions and can be downloaded from the website at www.dxstudio.com.

Juuso Hietalahti