8 More Writers Wanted

I’ve been getting couple of guest authors to contribute to GameProducer.net and there are a few posts coming in the nearly future. Since people have enjoyed these article (based on the comments), I’ve made the bold step to invite a few more guest writers to contribute.

I will keep writing a few times per week, and giving bit longer articles now and then, but I also want to get more professionals on the board to share their opinions.

GameProducer.net has an established audience of close to thousand daily readers, and it provides a solit platform to share insight on game production. This is not a paid position, but a chance to get some credentials to your resume.

There are just a couple of requirements in case you want to contribute:

  • You need to actually know something about games production: You need to have produced games. I’m not after book-smart people, I want to hear from people have experience in doing games. You don’t need to have built the first greatest game ever, but you do need to have experience and willingness to share your lessons.
  • Write one or more articles per month: You don’t need to write all the time, but getting at least one article (500 words long or so) per month would be sufficient. Anything more than that is fine too as long as the articles show quality.
  • You know how to write in English: I don’t expect 100% solid grammar, but you need to be able to write proper English.

Rest of the details will be discussed when you apply.

That’s pretty much it. If you are working on some game company (or own one), feel free to contact me. If you know somebody who could be interested in writing game production or game business articles, feel free to ask him to contact me.

There’s 8 open spots right now (out of 10), and after that I’ll be closing the offer at least for some time to see how this goes.

If you are interested, please send me some writing samples and tell me bit about your gaming industry experience.

Juuso Hietalahti