How Winners Think

Yesterday I watched a fighting clip in a television for a few minutes. In that clip, it strike to me what goes in the mind of mixed martial artists. Those who are winners. One of the winners told that he hates losing and he’ll do anything (legal) to win.

I started thinking that I had heard that comment before – but in different context.

I’ve heard some self-made millionaires saying that they hate losing money, and do anything (legal) to win and to make their business successful. And they did.

I remember reading years back one game development team lead answering to the question about “what objectives they have for their game”. The current CEO of the company commented that “Our aim is to get the boxed version in the stores. We won’t stop until that is done.” Their game became a success story for the company.

There’s no word “impossible” for winners
Almost a year ago I wrote about how nothing is impossible where bit similar thinking is clearly seen. To me, I believe, it’s more about what we think is possible that matters.

Take a look at the following clip. In that clip, you can see a guy breaking multiple bricks in a very quick strike. In fact, the strike is so quick that you possibly need to check it couple of times to really see what’s going on. To me, that looks impossible.

Many things indeed look “impossible”
And I’m sure many things are impossible – until we decide otherwise.

When somebody is determined to create massive success in the field of gaming, I’m sure he can reach it. I’m not saying this would happen in one night (creating overnight success requires decades of work). However, I’m saying that if you take a 5-year or 15-year perspective, those dreams can come true if one doesn’t give up and works hard.

Man that brick breaking looks motivational.

Juuso Hietalahti