Contest: Win FPS Creator X10 by Guessing What I Got From an Easter Egg


Win a copy of FPS Creator X10
It’s time for post-Easter Contest and fancy prize is FPS Creator X10 – a game making tool that uses DirectX10. All you need to do is guess what I got from an easter egg (not meaning the chocolate, but the toy I got from the egg). Thanks goes to The Game Creators for this fine prize.

Contest rules
You need to guess what toy I got from an easter egg.

You can guess as many times as you wish (maximum 5 items per reply, and you can have multiple replies: this is to ensure that somebody isn’t getting the first reply and writing lots of stuff into that reply). All you need to do is throw your guess here (or write a lengthy blog post where you list all your answers. Remember to mention your blog post URL here in this blog so I can include your guess into the contest).

The first one to answer right wins a copy of FPS Creator X10.

The contest lasts until somebody guesses right and I’ll be checking answers daily. If there’s no right guesses after couple of days, I shall give hints that will pretty much reveal the right answer for somebody to guess.

FPS Creator X10
FPS Creator X10 is basically an extremely simple tool that lets you create great looking action games with ease. If you watch out the following youtube video, I’m sure you get a pretty good idea what you can do with the tool (in very little time):

I agree that the voice in the video might go bit more in the funny side of things – but the FPS Creator X10 itself is very nice. The Game Creators offer many other products for making games: ranging from modeling tools to art packs to other game making software.

Let the contest begin
Now you have chance to win a copy of FPS Creator X10.

Simply guess what toy I got from an easter egg.

Juuso Hietalahti