And We Have a Winner

We have a winner for the FPS Creator X10 contest.

The idea of the contest was to guess what toy I got from an easter egg. There were plenty of well though answers such as these witty guesses:

“one of those gooey hands that you can sling against walls and such” (Code_wizard)

Heh, that’s exactly what I call them

“small deck of cards” (ElementCy)

Heh, inside easter egg? Oh well, I guess there are small cards out there :)

“did the egg was empty?” (eco)

Good one, but unfortunately wrong.

The TOY refers to

The 3D Game created from FPS
[after exporting it from FPS]

and EGG refers to

FPS Creator

This time nickname lostin3d got bit too philosophic here…

“pokemon plush doll (because you obviously are a fan of dem, wakokokokokokokok) (celeron)”

Fine guess, but unfortunately wrong ;)

There’s more fun guesses, and I recommend you guys go take a look at them in the contest announcement.

The right answer was pirate. It was a 50g Peter Pan easter egg (tasted yammy) and there was a pirate inside it. micjwelch guessed right first, and got a boxed copy of FPS Creator X10. The rest of you gotta go to FPS Creator X10 website and buy it from there.

Thanks everybody for your participation.

Juuso Hietalahti