Something That Every Game Producer SHOULD Do


That word belongs to the category called “doom words”.

Producers who use the word “should” in their work, are taking steps towards doom.

Whenever a producer says “Here’s something we should do” nothing good really happens. Saying “that is something we should discuss” is equally bad. Hearing the word “Should” is something that makes people feel bad and something they forget pretty fast. If somebody walks around the office saying “what the team should do” isn’t really helping the project.

A producer that has good ideas that “should be used” is annoying at best.

So… what should the producer do?

Instead of using the word “should” producers could for example:
1) Decide how things are done and put them into action right away.
2) Suggest a date when decision for certain matter is done or agreed.

Forget “should”.

You really should consider this – for the sake of your team.

Juuso Hietalahti