Back to (Almost) Daily Schedule

This year I tried to try writing less posts… but didn’t actually manage to write longer posts weekly as I thought. It didn’t feel natural to me. I like writing shorter posts. I like writing about the ideas or whatever (hopefully useful) stuff I’m up to.

The writing (less than) weekly didn’t really work for me. I’m quite amazed how much traffic the site has got even when I haven’t written so many articles, but this option didn’t feel as good as earlier. My holiday is over, and I thought that it’s time to get back to normal. I’m not going to follow a strict schedule that I would force myself to write every day. That’s why I’m back to “almost daily schedule”.

This arrangement leaves room for not saying anything when I have nothing to say.

I’ll aim to post daily (or sometimes more), but in some days I might say nothing.

I enjoyed writing more often, so that’s what I want to continue with. I believe the site will become a greater success when there’s more activity.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Actually… there’s a spam protection: I need to manually accept one of your comments before they begin to show right away.

  2. Hunh? OK so there’s a bug. You can fill out the comment box but not Name/Mail/Site and click Submit Comment and it will look like it’s posted (screen refreshes, although comment is not in list of comments) but will in fact be ignored (I thought it was in moderation or something – oh wait, I guess it could be…).

    Anyway, I said “I’ll also be visiting more often”.

  3. That last comment was by me, I forgot to fill in the boxes as they weren’t cached due to the new layout.

  4. I got the feeling that there’s plenty of other people who are thinking like you.

    Naturally my goal is to occasionally write something useful as well ;)

  5. Yeah, that’s good news. During the last time, I was only very occasionally on this page (much less than weekly)… back then, when you were writing daily, I also visited the site daily. Maybe this behavior might return :D

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