3 Reasons Why Diablo 3 Is a Smash Hit

I think there’s 3 reasons why it’s a smash hit (and got Diablo Battle Chest to top selling games list).

#1 – Blizzard made it
Blizzard is great at bringing quality games. They’ve done hits one after another. Okay, any game company can mess a perfectly good product, but I trust them on doing a great job with Diablo 3.

At least for now.

#2 – It’s the same good old Diablo… yet it’s new.
Check out the video below. It shows how there’s so much familiar stuff (basic movement, interface, basic fighting, health, mana, killing loads of monsters, gaining experience) in the game. It’s familiar. It’s something we can accept. Yet, the same time Diablo 3 brings new elements. There’s really big monsters, there’s new fancy powers and followers, the graphics are awesome, there’s plenty of new enemies, new ways to attack. It’s different, but not too different.

#3 – The Diablo brand
Diablo is a strong brand. Somehow I have the feeling that simply by showing some nice pics and telling “Diablo 3 has been published!” will be enough for fans to rush into stores and buy the game.

No wonder they said couple of months ago Hell Unfreezes Over: Blizzard Confirms Diablo 3

Juuso Hietalahti