Why Cannot They Manufacture Headsets That Won’t Hurt Your Head?

Today I discovered a secret for finding a proper headset. Earlier I’ve bought cheap and expensive headsets, and there was always something bad in them. It didn’t matter how much I paid, there was always something bad about them.

Today I discovered that you actually need to break headset before they fit well.

I bought a headset for about $20. The headset is one of those Creative’s where you hurt your head when you try to wear it. It was pretty annoying, so I tried to “adjust” it.

That naturally lead me breaking it… (yeh, I was a bit annoyed) so now I have a headset “fixed” with tape (here’s a photo):

That whiteish-yellowish stuff on the right is the tape. And no, I’m not suggesting you go and break your headset. I’m going to get a new one. It’s just not nice to have video talks if you don’t have a proper headset…

The funny thing is, now it’s now longer hurting my head. Only my pride took a small hit by knowing that I’m actually wearing this thing.

Every cloud has a silver lining… but I think I’m going to get a new one.

P.S. I’d really appreciate if you could tip me, and tell me where to get a proper headset (and a mic) if you know one.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I use a Sennheiser PC150 headset. The sound quality and mic quality are good, and I find it fairly comfortable – the pads sit more on top of your ears than pressing on your head itself, which is nice.

    The only problems are that the cable is fairly thin which makes it easy to destroy if you’re not careful (I apparently wasn’t with my first pair). Also, the volume knob gets “staticy” after a while. Still, they’re the best headset I’ve found. Really good headsets are hard to come by, it seems.

    If you’re interested in just getting a good pair of headphones (san microphone), take a look at headphone.com.

  2. I used to used headphones and music to blot out the noise of other office workers and phones, it was very handy but hurt my ears.

  3. Hmm, I’ve been using a Plantronics USB headset for about a year, but they no longer sell it, at least not for the $15 it was once available for. The analog equivalent is $8.95 on their clearance site, but I can’t tell you if they’re any good, sound/quality-wise. I just like ’em ’cause they’re light, have good padding, and don’t squeeze my head.

  4. @ asfads: Well, he said “tell me where to get a proper headset (and a mic)”, this can be understood as if he needs two different things :) and I don’t know of course what Juuso is exactly after (could be that he uses the mic only occasionally), so I thought I’d ask. Maybe Sennheiser also offers variants of the suggested model with a mic (just a guess).

  5. The weight is supported by the top of your head (not your ears). Well, it is very confortable.

  6. Oh man, that is a good question. I literally wear headphones 8+ hours a day, and would love some advice on a comfortable set. Another good question might be “why are programmers so chatty that I have to wear headphones 8+ hours a day?”

  7. They look, but they are not when they sit on your head. It is just great. I guess, i tis better if you could test them before buying.

  8. I have the same problem I guess. I tried many headphones/headsets and either they press on the ears or the area around the ears, and after 10 minutes it bothers me too much.

  9. jake: no… they have too small headsets ;)
    (just kidding… but it’s more about the material or something)

    asfads: some sneaky way they always hurt my head… ears or the skin close to ears or whatnot.

    I want lightweight headset… that’s what I’m after.

  10. You can get a Technics for about 100 euros. Yes, expensive! But I have been wearing them many hours a days for the last couple of years.

  11. You never mention how it hurts your head. Is it too tight? Does it hurt your ears or around your ears?

    zeha, if it doesn’t have a mic, it’s not a headset!

  12. Is it important that it has a mic? If you just need good headphones, take a look at the Sennheiser PMX-100, they have a really good sound and aren’t very expensive. Don’t take the PMX-200, though, as they are said to have a very muddy sound.

    Maybe they also offer headsets with mic, I don’t know because I don’t need one. But as far as the sound goes, they are absolutely great (and didn’t hurt my head so far).

  13. Do you have a fat head?

    But yeah it’s true, even expensive headphones seem to weigh down on my ears until they hurt.

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