Free Ebook: Guide to Advertising Your Game

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I’ve just created a public version of the ebook “Ad Trap: Guide to Advertising Your Game”. It’s about 20 pages long and packed with useful information you should know when considering advertisement options for your game.

This (and other kind of good stuff) is available to those who join the “mailing list” (I probably should call it more like a ‘list of getting good stuff that’s not available to others’, since I really don’t send emails frequently. I only send emails when I actually have something really valuable to share). If you want to make sure you get a good return on where to advertise, you gotta read this ebook.

I take this for granted, but I say it anyway: I hate spam and your email won’t be given or sold to anybody. I never send spam. And, if you ever want to unsubscribe (even after getting all the good stuff that I occasionally send), you may do that by simply clicking a link in any email you get from me. I won’t send more than couple of emails every now and then – and I make sure it’s good stuff you wanna be aware of.

Check it out: Click here, and sign-up if you want the “Ad Trap” (and of course the “Game Production Cookbook” ebook which you’ll also get)

P.S. I’m changing the newsletter system, so those of you who want this new ebook, please (re)subscribe to this new list. Sorry for any possible inconvenience.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Everything is fine, if it says:

    Our records indicate that you are already subscribed to this list and have
    verified your subscription. ”


  2. You sent me an email to re-subscribe. I’m already on your list.(signed up again just to see, and it says I’m already in your records.)

  3. I’m already on the list as well, could you shoot me a copy? Thanks!

  4. The content of the e-book is both interesting and enlightening.
    Anyone interested in a quick consistent way of gathering information about advertising their game should read it.

    Many thanks Juuso.

  5. i subscript&confirmed but didnt get any book.
    i appreciate if u could send them to me manually again!

  6. Yeh, they let import the old mailing list – but it still requires people to confirm it. There’s a limit of 2000 per day.

  7. So won’t Awebber let you import the old mailinglist? OR does it have a limit of say 150? (I’ve seen that before)

  8. When I first got this stuff on how to advertise my game, I was so exicted. Because I got the hang of the way. The Author of this Ebook must have devoted to helping and promoting the develpment of game industry.

    The content is refreshing and original. Everything in the book is in right direction. the rest is how to implement it. and get it a great success.

    Thanks Juuso. and thanks for your creativity.

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