I’m Switching Mailing List Provider, and Here’s Why…

I’m changing my newsletter service from YMLP.com to Aweber, and one reader asked me why I did this. I think YMLP has been a great service and that it will work fine for many developers and I have nothing bad to say about them. The problem I had with YMLP was that I couldn’t set up several newsletters, without creating several accounts. I had to create different accounts for game producer and Dead Wake newsletters, and pay for them in 2 different occasions. If I had wanted to set up another mailing list, I would have needed to create a new account.

At one point I moved Dead Wake to Aweber, and now I’m processing to do the same for game producer newsletter. That solves the problem once and for all. The features of Aweber are something that I enjoy: the Aweber also allows sending pre-defined emails, which makes it easier to create material that can be automatically sent to new subscribers. I haven’t used that feature yet, but it’s something I need in the future.

I liked the fact that with Aweber, you can set up multiple accounts and send as many emails as you like. The user interface and clear tracking (among other features) are something I just enjoy in Aweber more (even though nowadays YMLP also provides tracking).

I think either solution is fine, but I just happened to pick Aweber since I like how it works and it can cover everything I need from a mailing list service.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Roman: You can become their affiliate without being a customer… I chose them because they fit my needs.

    Justin: Will keep that in mind, thanks.

  2. Hi Juuso,

    Thanks for choosing AWeber! We’re glad to have you.

    If there’s anything I can do to help as you make the switch, drop me a line.

  3. Aweber is cool and I miss the autoresponder feature in YMLP, but it’s a bit too expensive for me. I would need to pay $49 a month instead of $45 every three months.

    But at least you can be affiliate with Aweber ;-)

  4. Sending emails from own server indeed causes server load, but it also means you would need to make sure you won’t get marked as a spammer & blacklisted.

  5. I’m just curious, why not use a free newletter program on your server, or make your own? It is just for server load or something else?


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