Piracy Is Not Theft (Fun Picture)

A friend of mine showed me this picture. Handy guide to those who wanna know what piracy is. (Don’t know who did it in the first place, so sorry for lack of credits. On the other hand, I’m sure he understand that I wasn’t stealing the picture, I was just pirating it…)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Archbob, @Zambani : yep, that’s what my professor said too.

    @Aw: yeah… I think it’s too late to nip that one in the bud…. But you are 100% right. The bank should properly authenticate its users, not the other way around.

  2. Sargon, There’s actually is no such thing as “identity theft”. When people say “identity theft” they mean to say “fraud”. But “identity theft” makes it seem like it’s the person being impersonated’s problem, not the bank’s problem.

  3. So, there is no such a thing as identity theft, only identity pirating.
    Unless… the guy who steals your identity also kills you. O.O

  4. People, you miss the point. In theft, the use of the item or information is no longer available to the original owner.
    In piracy, the item is still available to the original owner.
    Piracy deprives the owner of controlling how his/her product is used in the market place.
    If I sneak into the back of a movie theater without paying and watch a movie, very few would consider that as theft in the normal sense. However, we all know that my actions are still illegal because it deprives the theater owner the right to determine who gets to watch their film. And I’m sure if I pay them they would let me watch.
    So Piracy is more related to illegal access/trespassing than it is to theft in the everyday use of the theses words

  5. Technically…. I think this picture doesn’t say that piracy shouldn’t happen… or that pirating is okay. It’s simply saying that piracy isn’t theft. ;)

    Good idea Ben :P

  6. @ Temposaur

    Why not? :-) All the problems in the world could be solved if poor families could just print cash when they needed it.

  7. The issue with piracy is not physical property, its intellectual property and in regards to intellectual property, it is sort of theft.

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