I Wonder If Players Are Better Assigning Priorities Than Producers

I’ve seen two types of producers when it comes to assigning priorities. The first type of producer has learned the lesson’s from Dilbert books: “rate everything ‘top priority’ except ‘personal life and hobbies'”. The other type of producer really understand that marking everything ‘top priority’ really solves nothing, they gotta be decisive about what tasks are more important than others.

Today I went through some Dead Wake zombie game ideas suggested by the community members. There were several pages of them. There were some really good ideas. Some ideas would require little resource, while some might not be possible to do with an indie budget.

I started pondering how to decide which ideas were the most important ones to consider, and I got this idea about rating the threads feature that’s in the forums software. I wrote a brief entry and welcomed members to give their ratings.

I don’t know if players will want to rank everything ‘5 stars’, and don’t know if this experiment produces anything worth using, but at least I decided to give it a go. If it doesn’t work, we can forget the ratings and try something else.

Anyway, now the zombie game community members are ranking ideas and we’ll see if they do a better job than some producers…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Your idea is unique. Sometime ,players or producers saw your words to get some new ideas. in this sense, your web will sonner or later become very popular.
    Good luck with your work

  2. No, I’m not throwing away our control. I merely want to see which ideas players think are the best ones.

    We’ll take into account our gameplay, and see if the ideas fit.

  3. Heh, I wonder if it works ;). Although it is fun to see what the public thinks is most important etc. it won’t give you any reason to neglect your own priority system in my oppinion. It would be good if you could make one yourself, compare it with the public and it would be excellent if it would be the same, if not it might be interesting to compare what you deem most important and what they voted and find out why.

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