72 Insiders Now (and ‘Launch’ of the Game Market Research Ebook)

Today we got a new member to Insiders. There’s now total of 72 Insider members: individuals, companies, indie game developers, people who work at AAA companies, game trainers and you name it. I remember when we started with the private forums (where first me and Mr. Phil talked alone :)), and now we’ve grown into having the press release service, tons of information and ebooks about game selling, members privately talking about marketing, traffic, development, and other good stuff.

I’ve just created a new ebook (4 pages: short and simple) for Insiders only and wanted to say a bit about game market research. It’s a game market research ebook and gives information about what game market research is (thus the name…) and how to actually a conduct a research. It contains some juicy tips on how big portals for example figure out games that sell well.

That’s for Insiders only.

Less sales pitch talk tomorrow.

P.S. Those of you who want to enjoy free goodies should get on the mailing list – there’s good free stuff there too.

Juuso Hietalahti


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