I’m So Grateful For Getting All Those Crazy Gamers to Help Me Out

When I started the Dead Wake zombie game development in ‘extreme programming’ style (by publishing a new release every 30-60 days or so) I had some thoughts what would happen.

Man, I certainly underestimated the impact of community.

I didn’t anticipate that the community would be so eager to build new stuff. Or… make videos and tutorials or give ideas and feedback. Right now there’s hundreds of members who have subscribed to the Dead Wake newsletter and hundreds of members discussing in the community forums.

These people are awesome.

When I ask feedback about something, I get loads of responses and arguments on how things should be done. When I ask people to give ideas, I get a massive list of features I couldn’t possible even think of.

When Dead Wake made it to PC Gamer, I got one member making a video:

When I asked information about animations, some guys went and started animating characters own their own. I never asked this, these people are just so eager to help me out.

When we hinted about promoting the game, one guy (Lto_thaG) made this:

It’s almost crazy! (in a good way)

I’m putting effort to bring a good game that these people enjoy, but I never anticipated that there would be so many Dead Wake ‘fans’ ready to help in different issues.

Building a gaming community around your game is a reward in itself.

Now I just need to make sure they didn’t see me calling them crazy…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Heh, I’m sure we’ll manage.

    I’ve actually started a forums thread where people can say if they want to get in the credits (and asked them to share what they’ve done)

  2. I am just thinking, if and how will you credit all those people who contributed.
    Might get a movie like credits list. :)

  3. Hmmm… this makes me think I might want to get off my butt and set up forums on my website…


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