Dishwashing Lesson For Game Producers

I got reminded about the importance of doing things properly. I had done the dishes, just to spot couple of hours later that one of the pots was really dirty (and with food stains here and there). Normally I wash the cups and pots clean, but this time “I was too busy” to do it properly. In haste, I had done a poor job.

The end result?

Of course I had to do it again: I had to wash the pot again. It wasn’t done properly, so I needed to wash the pot again.

I believe this lesson applies well to the game development…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yup. Do it well first pass or get close to final (good enough) and, if you have time, make small iterations until it’s done.

    But really, with hygiene, you kind of have to do a top-notch job to begin with. No one died of Salmonella or E-coli poisoning from making or playing a video game*.

    * to my knowledge, although some people’s kits are absolutely revolting.

  2. I know the problem, that’s why I now have a Quality Gate in place (ie. partner). Only stuff that meets the quality requirements can pass. ;)

  3. Haha, nice analogy there in daily life ;)

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