Beginners Guide to Recording Game Videos and Showing Them on Your Website

This article shows you what tools I’ve used to create game videos, and how I’ve embedded them in my website. You’ll need couple of tools that are either free or inexpensive to get.

Recording videos
I’ve mentioned this earlier, but I’ll mention this again to make this guide as complete as possible. I use Fraps for recording game videos. Fraps is inexpensive and provides easy-to-use recording of your games. Fraps has everything you need for recording sound and video.

Editing your video
I actually haven’t done much video editing (and have survived pretty well without editing), and don’t know many of them but somebody mentioned Sony Vegas Movie Studio which might be handy. (If you have any more recommendations on video editing, please feel free to suggest)

I haven’t used Sony, so can’t personally recommend it – but it seems to be pretty feature rich tool. If you don’t need to edit your videos, then you can skip this phase and just move to the next step.

Converting AVI to MPG
Fraps records movies in .avi format, so it’s a good idea to compress them to MPG (I usually convert to MPG1 instead of MPG2 format to make sure it works as many place as possible). MPG videos are much smaller than AVI files, yet they can provide good quality. (Those who want to have HD quality videos need to find some other tutorial though… I’m not covering those here)

I tested a loads of different AVI-to-MPG tools and there were some free, some expensive and many, many crap ones. Finally I found WinAVI which does everything I need (and I only need to convert AVI to MPG). It’s inexpensive tool and worth checking out. I personally like the simplicity of the tool. It does what it’s supposed to do.

Update: Toni and Stoper recommended VirtualDUB – it’s free converter.

Uploading your video
I’ve used mainly YouTube to upload videos, but some other places worth checking are for example WeGame and Vimeo.

Showing videos on your website
Google YouTube API provides some tools that you can use to show videos on your website. Recently I discovered the Videobar which I’ve used in Dead Wake game website to show latest videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube. Basically I just used the wizard and wrote my YouTube username to “Youtube Channels:”, unchecked the “Most Viewed Videos” and the widget provided the code to use in my website.

If you have a WordPress blog, you can google for various plugins that help showing uploaded videos on your blog. I haven’t used those, but they seemed to look pretty easy way to publish videos.

Naturally you can embed videos (they give you code after you’ve uploaded videos) on your site using HTML. That’s very easy way to upload videos as well.

That’s it folks
This is how I’ve recorded and published videos, and even though there’s several steps I think overall it can be quite easy to get game videos on your website.

And gamers love seeing videos.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks for posting this information. This will definitely be useful. I’ve been a little uncertain about using video on my site, and this will definitely cover the basics to get me started.

  2. I would also recommend making them into flash video files if you want to put them up your website.

    1) Easy viewable + streaming
    2) Very very very good compression (in my oppinion.. I went from 40mb files to 4mb)

    Requirs little Flash knowledge with a simple tutorial.

  3. A company called Black Magic make a line of capture cards (around 130 pounds) that capture full HDMI (I used the Intensity). I captured a bunch of cut-scene footage from my recent XBOX 360 game for my demo reel. My machine wasn’t fast enough to do full uncompressed video (you need a RAID array to do it justice) but the built-in compression is actually good enough to capture audio and video; although you will need to tweak the audio offset to match the capture footage later.

    For the post editing, I used the already-mentioned Virtual Dub. It’s a great tool to work with for post processing.

  4. Videos are a great way of promoting your game. I just made a new one for T.W.T.P.B.


    This is the process and programs I follow:

    1. Record game play with music turned off using fraps

    2. Edit and compose in Windows Movie Maker

    3. Convert from wmv to flashmovie using ffmpeg (free commandline tool that can handle most conversions)

    4. Publish on webpage using JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER (free for non commercial use)

    Thats about it. Making the current vid took about 3h and is time well spent.

  5. VirtuaDub is a nice and powerful AVI converter, and its free. Its not so user friendly, but converting files can be done quite easily:
    1. File->Open file
    2a. Video->Compression…
    2b. chose encoder from the list of installed codecs
    3. File->Save as AVI :)

    You can also use filters for cropping (by adding Null transform, and then “Cropping…”) and others.

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