I Admit It, I’m One Evil Guy… (And Enjoy Every Moment)

Every now and then I see a spammer such as “abc123” or “mjk8009” registering to one of the forums I’m operating. Every single user that has got an username like this has spammed the forums I’ve set up. I don’t know if at some point there’s going to be a guy behind one weird username that wouldn’t be a spammer, but I’ve learned to think that these guys are spammers. Sometimes I happen to use the “who’s online” functionality to check out what different users are doing. It’s easy to see how “mjk8009 is registering an account”.

Then I just go to the admin panel and ban the user (especially when I see it coming from the same country like the previous two spammers I banned – yes, I have prejudices) before he gets the chance to set some spammy links in his signature.

I watch how it says that “mjk8009 is reading ‘permission denied’ note”.

I know, I know. It’s evil. It’s possibly paranoid. It’s not a real solution, and it might be a real user who just has a weird name (yeh, right).

But at least sometimes I get to ban those spammers before they get to harass our forums… and it’s fun.

Maybe at the point when I see that there’s actually some user with a weird username like “080910k” (check out that nick in google by the way, and you’ll find some link spam after a few clicks) and (1) actually contributes something useful, (2) doesn’t fill his signature with spam links and (3) doesn’t spam! Maybe, maybe if that happens I might believe that all hope is not lost yet.

Meanwhile, I keep banning spammers as fast as possible.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Firefly
    I think he meant if the potential spammer was from a certain country ;)


    “mjk8009 is reading ‘permission denied’ note”

    lol, ’nuff said!


  2. mjk8008: heh! :D

    Sam, yeh… well, to be honest: I’ve banned an user like this only twice… and only when the username was randomly generated letters+numbers (which, I think is pretty good reason in itself to ban somebody ;))

    Normally I don’t do this (I really have something more useful to do :))

    As for country: I let that to be something for you guys to try and find out by yourselves…

  3. That’s unfortunate. I often use 042 at the end of my username.

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