Witty Way to Get Publicity For Your Game: Screenshot Contest

Developers of the World of Kung Fu game have announced a screenshot contest. The players of the game need to take screenshots, and the best shots win prizes.

World of Kung Fu is free-to-play 3D MMO/MMORPG game that offers something for all different types of gamers, from social gamers to hard-core gamers. World of Kung Fu is a virtual world set in ancient China (one of my personal favorite themes by the way). Originally, World of Kung Fu is made for Chinese audience, but recently the development team launched an English version.

The screenshot contest uses several elements worth mentioning (and learning):

  • Partnership: They are partnering with other organization to do the contest. Getting help is a nice idea and can help with prizes and publicity.
  • Press release: They created a press release to promote the event. Contest alone does little good if nobody hears about it.
  • Players (and the game) involved: I like how they tied the contest around their game. People need to actually play the game and use the game’s functionality to participate.
  • Easy for players: Taking screenshots can be (relatively) easy! Everybody who is capable of playing the game, can most likely take screenshots (if there’s a button that takes screenshots). This means it’s more likely to get people to participate.
  • Prizes: every contest needs them. In World of Kung Fu, the prizes are mainly about getting new specialties in the game (that’s quite interesting way to give prizes I think) rather than some giving away other games or gadgets or something (which can also be good)

I suggest checking out the World of Kung Fu and learning more about the game and the contest (I’m benchmarking their efforts in order to “borrow” this marketing idea for marketing my own game).

I don’t use this word often, but the artwork is breathtaking (the below video is quite blurry, you should check out the screenshots or try the game on your own to get a better picture).

More videos, screenshots and a free playable game at the World of Kung Fu website.

There so many opportunities to learn about marketing by simply watching what kind of stuff other people are doing.

Juuso Hietalahti