How to Use Wikipedia In Game Design

I was googling for information about “character class” and happened to visit this wikipedia’s page about character classes. Here’s something that was mentioned in the bottom of the page:

Typical “Classes” for tactical shooters include:

* Heavy Infantry (High power weapons, slower),
* Sniper (very long range rifles, weak close fighting ability, typically very difficult to use),
* Engineer (weaker than average firepower, but abilities such as repairing vehicles, creating automated turrets or planting mines or bombs),
* Medic (weaker than average firepower, but can heal others),
* Anti-vehicle (Slow, can destroy vehicles, weaker firepower against infantry)
* Typical infantry (average firepower, possibly faster than support classes, few or no special abilities, however, ideal for taking down more specialised classes such as engineers or anti-vehicles)
* Auxiliary (weaker than average firepower, can give ammunition to other players)
* Spy (Can disguise/cloak himself, plant cameras for remote surveillance and stab foes in the back for one-hit kills; sometimes combined with the sniper to make a “Covert Ops” class)
* Flamethrower Infantry (Slow or average speed, high power at close range, little or no long range capabilities, best at harassment tactics. Sometimes combined with the standard infantry class as a selectable weapon)
* Ninja (Fast or normal speed, high power at close range, limited long range capabilities. Is usually used against snipers or long range infantry, can also be used against specialized classes. )

Some nice ideas there.

Of course one can come up with different class ideas by simply spending time on design, testing other games, brainstorming with others, reading gaming magazines but I’m open to get all the help possible. Wikipedia has articles that can give ideas for game design, so I see no reason not to use this resource.

Juuso Hietalahti